anCnoc Tushkar bottle & tube with illustration


15.0 ppm [parts per million]

The Tushkar spade has a long blade that cuts down through the peat, producing a turf with a medium to slow burn. This peat creates and adds a complex but medium smokiness to the whisky, in this case, with a PPM of 15.0.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is only available for purchase in Sweden.


Tushkar is polished gold in appearance.


The richly sweet honey and vanilla heart is wrapped in a veil of warm peat smoke and pierced by overtones of fresh green apples, orange peel and cut spring flowers.


Rich and full-bodied, the taste is bursting with powerful wood smoke. It opens up to exotic spices, honey, delightful toffee sweetness and a hint of freshly squeezed lemons. Waves of peat smoke are accompanied by a distant reminder of worn leather.

Alc vol 46%

Available sizes 70cl