A Spirit Shared for 125 Years

Knockdhu Distillery in Banffshire opened its doors back in 1864 thanks to our founder John Morrison, a pioneering spirit who saw a golden vision of the future – an opportunity there for the taking. 

With a vast expanse of lush green fields, peat and barley, the clear crisp springs cascading from the hills and the Great North of Scotland Railway line running nearby, John Morrison seized the chance to turn nature’s gift into something special and share it with the world.

As the very first drops of spirit started to flow from Knockdhu’s stills, a story began; a tale of pride and passion, passed through generations who have been hand crafting our whisky to share with the world since 1894.

Our distillery is named after Knockdhu, Gaelic for the nearby Black Hill, the source of the many springs that bring our whisky to life - an alluring, dramatic backdrop to our place of production. The estate was bought in 1892, and our doors opened in 1894 and through time John Morrison’s production methods have hardly changed.  History, heritage, pride and passion run through the distillery’s majestic stills today, just as they did all these years ago to create a thoroughly modern, traditional spirit proudly named after its Black Hill origins, anCnoc.

125 years of anCnoc and two exceptional whiskies to take you on a journey through the hills and peatlands of Scotland, the warm breeze blowing the distant hum of the stills into the silent warehouses, the smell of malt drifting over the distillery pagoda as you open your eyes to the return to the light of the modern present.

The two copper stills used to create these very first few drops of whisky remain at Knockdhu in size and shape, their flat bases forcing the vapours to journey up through the long narrow neck of the still, producing a light, fruity whisky, brought to life through the Limited Edition 16 Years Old.  Released for the first time at cask strength with sweet vanilla notes, delicate spice and a hint of coconut and butterscotch toffee, the 16 Years Old is a unique taste of our history in a light, modern and elegant expression.

Peat is an intriguing, mellow journey from the heart of Knockdhu’s rich peatlands. Matured in American oak ex-bourbon casks and then further matured in Spanish oak casks, the sunset gold liquid suggests peat and sherry, with notes of almonds and dried fruit. A stunning smoky, sweet dram.

As we celebrate today, we raise a glass to the hearts and souls of yesterday whose spirits continue to run through every drop of our whiskies today, visionaries like John Morrison who saw that glistening future reflected in the springs of Knock Hill.

Over 100 years on, the picture of the past has become our glorious present.

125 years of a dream captured in a spirit.

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The Knockdhu Distillery is situated in the picturesque village of Knock in Aberdeenshire...

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