Rùdhan joins the Peaty Collection

Posted on October 13, 2016


Meet the highly anticipated Rùdhan, our latest travel retail expression to join the Peaty Collection which will be available globally after officially launching at the Tax Free World Association Exhibition in Cannes

In keeping with our traditional style, the whisky takes its name from the peat harvesting process. The term ‘rùdhan’ [roo-an] refers to the final stage, in which the peat is stacked for several weeks to dry out ahead of burning to create the signature smokiness associated with the range.

Measuring 46% ABV and pale straw in appearance, the initial fruity aromas give way to the strong scent of woody smokiness. To taste, the famous earthy peat flavour is followed by warming spices and burnt sugar, ending with a long and smooth finish.

Rùdhan joins the Peaty Collection at a price of €64.99 for 1L.

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