home, sweet home

Posted on September 17, 2014

Certain things don't travel well. That Irish stout we all know, for example, or fine china. Others do. Whisky, luckily, is one of the latter. Absolutely nothing happens to a fine bottle as it moves away from its place of origin. Sometimes it seems it's quite the opposite, people from far-flung places often have a great deal of respect and show appreciation of single malt Scotch whisky unseen here. But while the perception may be different over there, Scotland is still home and the sweetness of home rubs off on the drink. Call us romantics, call us unreasonable, but no place beats the great Scottish cities when it comes to enjoying that wee dram properly.

Today we'd like to give you a few suggestions on where to enjoy a glass of anCnoc in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. You're officially invited.

The Grill, Aberdeen

213 Union Street

A twee, family-owned, traditional pub is where you want to be on a long and dark autumn night. They really care about real ale and whisky there so if, like us, you're a flavour addict, you should be right at home. Prepare to be standing.

Òran Mór, Glasgow

Byres Road

The Òran Mór is situated in an old church in the heart of Glasgow's West End and the whisky bar they run is a real temple of single malt, may the gods of puns have mercy on our souls. Boasting over 280 bottles, they are bound to have an interesting anCnoc for you and lots more to choose from. Should you get peckish or feel the sudden urge to wave your hands in the air, they have that covered too.

Ben Nevis, Glasgow

1147 Argyle Street

It may be small but it packs a punch. Ben Nevis is a local landmark and a great little spot to enjoy a half'n'half – half a pint of cask ale and a wee dram – while listening to live folk music.

Whiski Rooms, Edinburgh

4-7 North Bank Street

Whiski Rooms at the top of The Mound in Edinburgh is a rather special spot. They have a great whisky bar, a solid restaurant and a whisky shop attached, in case you like something you try so much you just can't contain yourself. It may be a tad on the pricey side, Edinburgh's Old Town being one big tourist trap, but the staff are knowledgeable and on a clear day the views are just lovely.

Panda & Sons, Edinburgh

Somewhere in Edinburgh

We could tell you where it is but we'd then have to take all your whisky away. Panda & Sons is Edinburgh's coolest speakeasy and to get in you first have to find an inconspicuous and completely phoney barber shop featuring a smiley panda bear, and if you follow the stairs to the basement and fiddle with the bookshelf, you may just find what you're looking for. Alternatively you can just ask a local to take you there for a drink. Inside you will be tempted to give their superb cocktail list a once over no doubt, but they should also have some anCnoc 16 Year Old if all the mixing and shaking is not your cup of sage-yoghurt-and-candlesticks-infused-vapourised-tea.

Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

19a West Register Street

Voodoo Rooms specialises in rum and there is no getting away from it. But once you've satisfied your cane sugar curiosity, you can fall back on the favourite single malts, they have them too. The décor is grand and we'd recommend wearing shoes rather than trainers. It's just about the perfect first date bar, impressive but intimate.

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