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Posted on May 22, 2014

Father's Day is nearly upon us and whilst ties, shirts and golf accessories are common, the gift of a fine single malt whisky may just be the perfect way to say thank you to your dad this year.

Whisky Gifts.

It's a simple idea but those are so often the best.  A fine single malt speaks a thousand words and apart from being a gorgeous object in its own right that will 'gift' incredibly well and gracefully adorn even the most discerning drinker's man cave, it's also 70cl of conversations, laughs, and making memories.

If you think you and your dad would like to raise a toast this Father's Day, or even if you think your dad may not in fact be that quick to share with you but he would still like a bottle, consider these two superb expressions from our Single Malt Whisky range that just shout thank you, dad this Father's Day.

Father's Day Whisky (3)anCnoc 16 Year Old

Our 16 Year Old packs so much of the classic anCnoc style, you would be forgiven for thinking we actually distil the rare Highland sunshine to make it. It's full of bright, light aromas of citrus, orchard fruits and cut flowers supported by a rich yet elegant base of creamy vanilla, toffee and our signature whiff of honey. It's a delight and the perfect choice if your dad likes lighter, fresher flavours, has a sweet tooth or is relatively new to whisky. Personality-wise, this whisky will suit the more bubbly father figure, a guy with a great sense of humour who always has the time to listen to your woes, no matter how small.

Father's Day Whisky (2)anCnoc 22 Year Old

The 22 Year Old is a bit older, of course, and overall just a bit richer. While the 16 Year Old was matured in casks made from American oak, the older sibling has a relationship with European oak which tends to throw in a bigger tannic structure and more dark fruitiness. And that's precisely the case here. Think raisins and stewed plums, cloves and cinnamon, dark chocolate and sticky toffee pudding. This is an excellent choice for a seasoned whisky drinker, a man who would skip the desert to have another helping of that steak and ale pie and, perhaps, an overall more serious father who's always been an excellent and patient guide through the meanders of life and an inspiration to trump them all. A character.

But seriously...

Suggesting that your dad's personality may correlate with which whisky he would enjoy is just a little bit of fun. Nobody knows your dad like you do and somehow we feel you already know in your heart which whisky would be ideal for him. If the short flavour descriptions above were not enough, why not ask for a sample in your local whisky specialist shop? But most importantly, don't get too hung up on it. As far as your dad is concerned, you can't get it wrong.

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