a Year With anCnoc

Posted on January 27, 2017

A year with anCnoc we hear you say, what can that mean? Today, we invite you to join us as we get to know two of our Brand Ambassadors (BA), Lukasz and Martin, a little more as they share with us their highlights from 2016 and reveal what they’re looking forward to in 2017 as they spend another year traveling and sharing our rather remarkable whisky.

Tell us a bit about yourself, what does the job of an anCnoc whisky brand ambassador involve?

Ancnoc Brand Ambassador Martin Tjaeder

Martin (M): As a BA I have the pleasure of sharing anCnoc here in Sweden, whether that be at whisky festivals or masterclasses. My role also has a creative streak; I develop new concepts to delight people with anCnoc in a number of different ways, at our whisky tastings, masterclasses or through education seminars to educate bar or retail staff.

Ancnoc Brand Ambassador Lukasz Dynowiak

Lukasz (L): I’m Lukasz and like Martin I’m a Brand Ambassador’s for anCnoc, however my role involves travelling across the globe to share the remarkable story and taste of anCnoc.  If you’re into whisky, it’s just about the best job you can imagine! I tell people our amazing, rich story and share our award-winning liquid wherever I go. Meet lots of new people and see new places along the way. That’s me in a nutshell.

Reflecting on 2016, what were your biggest moments with anCnoc in 2016?

L: As you would guess we were pretty busy spreading anCnoc gospel in 2016. I loved talking anCnoc in Canada in November – it was so cold that you barely had any option but to have a wee dram in the afternoon to warm your bones! Funnily enough though, the whisky tasted equally well when we celebrated launching anCnoc in Turkey earlier last year. The 12 year old is particularly versatile that way. Of course no anCnoc year would be complete without the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival (SBWF) and it’s always a pleasure to team up with Martin at an event. SBWF is not a show, it’s a Scandinavian institution, and this year we got a lot of love for our peaty range there.

M: Like Lukasz, 2016 was filled with sharing the world of anCnoc. It was great to have Lukasz join us for the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival. Aside from that, my highlight was visiting Knockdhu distillery, it’s always a great experience to get back to the art of crafting whisky not to mention the opportunity to catch up with “The men of Knock” as they create top quality single malt whisky.

What’s in store for anCnoc this year?

L: Looks like we’ll be even busier this year. You can expect to see my colleagues and me in the Nordics, Canada, France, USA, Germany, Russia, Southeast Asia and basically, it seems, just about everywhere else. My travel agent is loving me at the moment, haha. I’m particularly excited about Whisky Live New York as I’ve never been to that show. And I’m also massively looking forward to Viking Line Cinderella whiskymassa in a few weeks, sailing the Baltic with all my Scandinavian friends.

M: A lot! We will attend all the major whisky festivals around Sweden so come and meet us.  Wherever you find me you can be guaranteed I’ll sharing my passion for our whisky!  Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates of where you’ll find us next.

For someone who’s never been to a Whisky Masterclass before what can they expect?

L: Whisky geekery, haha. No, but seriously, it’s an opportunity to have an in-depth look at the distillery, touch on its history, walk you through our production process and explain origins of flavours in your glass. All with a glass in hand, tasting the latest developments, some rare gems and the wonderful core range. I’d really recommend signing up for a masterclass if you’re heading to a whisky show in 2017. Preferably one of mine!

M: Lukasz is right, a great experience with excellent whisky and interesting facts delivered in an enjoyable way, more than likely with a dram in hand.

And finally, what’s your anCnoc desert island dram?

L: The 12 year old is a must. Absolute classic, crowd pleaser (in case the island is not completely deserted) and stunning entry to the category. I’d probably leave the life jacket and water supply behind though just to bring one more, the 18 year old. An evening treat, so elegant.

M: Do I have to pick just one? I would love to take anCnoc Stack with me, but, I will go for anCnoc 22 years old for the lovely sherry casks. On a side note - it’s practical, did you know it’s easier to start a fire with clear glass than with a green bottle?

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